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  Letters Sent, Most Ignored  

Re: Immigration Is Defying Easy Answers


Saturday, January 5, 2008
The letter the New York Times didn't have the guts to print

To the Editor,

In "Immigration Is Defying Easy Answers", Julia Preston notes the abundance of "illegal" immigrants currently residing in the U.S. However, those twelve million are surely dwarfed by the descendents of the Mayflower crew and passengers who were illegal and, realizing their own illegality, circumvented it by writing and signing the "Mayflower Compact". Perhaps, the current "illegals" should declare themselves their own political community in neglected regions from which this country have ceded all practical responsibility. The "Indian reservations" provide corresponding precedent for admitting this form of legalization under U.S. law.

Better yet, we can dispense with notions that some are too wretched for entering the "golden door" over which that altogether too generous Lady Liberty lights the way. Indeed, given the importance of the New England colonies in the Revolution, history supports the view that if any immigration into this country is illegal, then the U. S. itself is illegal.

C. P. Klapper

The Disastrous Bailout


Friday, October 3, 2008
This was a followup to an earlier letter to my Congressman. Both got form letter responses showing that nobody in his office read my letters.

Dear Congressman Pallone,

I forgot to say why voting for the $700 Billion bailout would be disastrous. The way that our banking system and treasury are structured, this wasted money will have to be paid either through taxes or by borrowing. Either of these in an already fragile economy will sink us into a depression. The beneficiaries of this largess, even for those who are innocent of this debacle, are unlikely to be paying taxes on those funds in the near term, so we will have no help from that quarter. The newly homeless from foreclosures and the newly unemployed from company failures will be unable to pay taxes, shifting the increased tax burden onto the working poor and lower middle class. Spending will further collapse, while millions more are forced into bankruptcy and foreclosures, the latter further depressing the real estate market. On the credit side, a flood of treasury bills and notes will exhaust what little available credit exists in the economy, leaving nothing for small businesses, causing many to fail during the downturn in consumer spending.

In short, I see nothing less than the next Great Depression if you pass the $700 Billion bailout.

Your Very Worried Constituent,
Carl Peter Klapper