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  End the Peace-Keeping Missions  

Depose and Leave


Contrary to what the major political parties are telling you, we are not fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The United States overthrew the Taliban in 2001 and Saddam Hussein in 2003. Since then, our troops have been engaged in peace-keeping missions in both countries.

The Republican Party wants you to believe that we are in one big War on Terror so that they don't have to ask Congress for further approvals to install and prop up democratic regimes in those countries.  This is an idealistic goal but ultimately wrong-headed.  Any government in a foreign country that the United States installs or props up will be seen as a puppet government by people in the region and will thus lack credibility and authority until long after we leave.

The Democratic Party wants you to believe that we are in one big War That We Are Losing so that they can win elections claiming that they can end the war with their control of the Presidency when they would not end the war with their control of Congress.  They are making political hay out of the dead bodies of American servicemen and servicewomen.  They do not deserve the White House on account of this.  Liberals should consider Nader instead, especially since the architect of this heinous political strategy, George "The Man Who Broke the Bank of England" Soros, has supported Obama from the beginning through his fake "grassroots" organization,

Both parties are linking the Wars That We Already Won with the Peacekeeping Missions That Keep Going On and On and thus damaging U. S. military prestige abroad.  This severely limits our further influence in discouraging tyrants from arising and waging wars on their own people.  Yet that is the laudable goal that the American people supported and that the world applauded when we started all of this after the terrorist attacks and murders on September 11, 2001.

Therefore, if I am elected, I will immediately introduce legislation declaring in law the fact of the United States victories in Iraq in 2003 and Afghanistan in 2001 and ending the peacekeeping missions in those two countries.  I will also introduce a motion that it is the sense of the Senate that our policy with regards to tyrannical foreign regimes is to first attempt diplomacy to gain freedoms and peace for the people in those countries but, if that fails, the mission of any U. S. or U. S. led or participating force is to depose and leave.  The victories in 2001 and 2003 show that American forces are well suited to that task.

Carl Peter Klapper
Write-In Candidate for United States Senator from New Jersey